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MUL NAENGMYEON (KOREAN COLD NOODLE SOUP) Let’s make some popular Korean summer noodles – Mul Naengmyeon! These noodles are served in icy cold broth and will help you forget about hot and humid summer weather! WHAT IS MUL NAENGMYEON
Mul Naengmyeon or Mul Naengmyun (물냉면) is cold noodles served in a chilled broth made from beef and/or Korean radish water kimchi (dongchimi, 동치미).

The noodles are also topped with sliced cucumbers, Korean pears, pickled radishes, boiled beef and boiled egg. These add subtle flavor of sweetness, tanginess and savoriness in between them. Overall the noodles have a very mild and refreshing taste and are somewhat moreish.

Naengmyeon was originally enjoyed during the winter months of Korea but it became a popular summer noodles. This makes more sense to me since the noodles and broth are served very cold!

Another popular time to have naengmyeon is as you finish Korean BBQ. For sure, not everyone has spare stomach after doing Korean BBQ, but many Koreans order naengmyeon as their pre-dessert dish.

As you can imagine, these cold noodles and broth taste even more refreshing after a hot and smoky BBQ experience. 😉

Mul Naengmyeon has a sister noodle called Bibim Naengmyeon. Unlike Mul nangmyeon, those noodles are served dry (these’s no broth) and it’s quite spicy.

Naturally, you will see some people preferring one over the other. I love them both, but I do love the spicy sensation the bibim naengmyeon gives me!

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